Graphic Mythology: Invasion

On December 7, 1941, Pearl Harbor was attacked. One of my uncles (Bud on my mother’s side) was actually there and survived to tell about it. That same month, American comic books were invaded by the gods (well, a demigod, anyway) when Wonder Woman debuted in an issue whose company would eventually merge with another to form DC.


I must be out of my mind. One mistake, one vital piece of information missing, and veteran comic book fans will eat me alive. Cries of “Charlatan!” will resound through the blogosphere. Sins of omission will go unforgiven. To my future detractors, I resign myself to my fate and offer this acknowledgement of my inferiority: do your worst.


Similar invasions have occurred since then. Thor first appeared with Marvel in August of 1962, and other gods have entered the graphic atmosphere like an ongoing meteor storm. Many of these gods are technologically or “scientifically” explained, but the best examples hark back to the roles played by gods in Greek and Norse mythology (hopefully minus some notorious examples of very bad behavior). I will make no effort at doing a comprehensive job of this. I have simply found that certain characters in certain comics have grabbed my attention, and I would like to put my own spin on them. Remember, you have entered MY universe. More next week.

7 thoughts on “Graphic Mythology: Invasion”

  1. I’m sure there must be an interesting PhD in the line of strong female figures following Wonder Woman (maybe it’s already been written!). I was thinking about this while watching the recent Agent Carter series. I know – not gods or even demi gods, but what fun to see three tough women trying to outwit each other! Would you ever consider sharing your uncle’s stories about Pearl Harbor on your blog? What hell that must have been.

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    1. I think there is huge room for developing female superheroes beyond the angry, conflicted sex objects which are so often portrayed. I’ll be covering one of the better examples soon. Unfortunately, my uncle and all of his siblings (including my mother) died some years ago, so I don’t know where to go for details of his experiences at Pearl Harbor. Also, I agree with you about the Agent Carter series. It has shown some unexpected insights into problems faced by women, and my wife and I really enjoy this series.


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