Graphic Mythology: The Confessor

WARNING: SPOILER ALERT for those who have not read Confession in the Astro City series. You might want to read the graphic novel first.


The Confessor is my favorite character in the Astro City pantheon, but there are a number of volumes I have yet to read. So… who knows?


The original Confessor is a nuanced, conflicted, and principled character. You see, he’s a former priest who was turned into… well, a vampire.


This fact makes him an interesting personification of the struggle between the spirit and the flesh.

the confessor

He and his sidekick, Altar Boy,  hang out in the unfinished wing of a Cathedral which sprawls over 14 city blocks. Due to the complicated and extensive architecture, their hideout is immune from discovery. Everyone is either unaware or too afraid to inspect that part of the building.

The Confessor and Altar Boy

The Confessor has a number of interesting powers, including the ability to appear from (or disappear into) mist. What intrigued me most, however, was his ability to elicit the truth  from criminals who were disinclined to give it. His unflinching stare compels them to make the “confessions” from which his name is derived. Obviously, his name also makes reference to his former profession.


Truthfully, this is one righteous dude, so read… and enjoy.


5 thoughts on “Graphic Mythology: The Confessor”

    1. I won’t deny it. I just got Astro City: Through Open Doors in the mail yesterday along with DC’s Kingdom Come. I’ve fallen pretty hard. Good graphic novels really stoke my imagination and give me ideas for my own writing. Take care.


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