Alias Adam (Chapter 2)

Chapter 2 – Entanglement

Underlying the events which drove the conception and early development of the embryos in question was a reality that would have been described as bizarre and counterintuitive had anyone been aware of it. To satisfy current trends in western culture, an effort at explanation can be tried within the realm of physics. Quantum mechanics is a theory which attempts to describe the behavior of exceedingly small particles of matter and energy. Things so minute are not subject to the same laws as macroscopic objects. They are postulated to exhibit superposition, the ability to occupy several states or realities at once. This theory has been used to explain the wave-particle duality of light and other forms of electromagnetic energy. Photons of light can be thought of as waves with characteristic wavelengths corresponding to the colors of the spectrum or as packets or particles of energy. A photon may exist as either or as both at once.

Decoherence is the loss of superposition. This allegedly occurs when small particles such as photons are observed and measured by experimental manipulation. The particles are “pushed” by deliberate disturbance into one state to the exclusion of another. Once this happens, they have been positioned by the observational method or instrument being used. In the example of light, a photon is perceived by the observer as having the properties of either a particle or a wave.

When disturbances occur in just the right ways, two particles may become entangled. It is as though some mysterious force connects them even if they are separated by great distances. In this seemingly bizarre relationship, a change imposed on either particle will be mirrored by a change imposed on the other. If the reader can make one more counterintuitive stretch, there is another complication. The fact that entanglement will occur later means in essence that it has occurred now, and this causes decoherence. Entanglement in the future is retroactive into the present. Entanglement in the present is retroactive into the past.

Superposition, entanglement, and decoherence apply to particles of miniscule size, but here a philosophical question emerges. Might they also apply to things of no size at all, things which are not physical? It is difficult for many intellectuals to accept the existence of anything other than matter, energy, and the forces which govern their operation. But what if such things – beneath matter, energy, and force – actually do exist and are responsible for what our senses and instruments can detect? Might something on the order of quantum mechanics apply to these as well, and might every member of our species harbor such components?

The creation of two human embryos, of two human souls, had been marked by disturbances: those caused by a combination of technology and error for one and those caused by substance abuse for the other. Social and physical disturbances would follow. Entanglement had been established, and decoherence was in progress. One could argue that these two individuals might have been anything or that they were already being assigned to the definite fates they would choose for themselves. In sovereign choices yet to be made, the trajectories of their lives were destined to cross. Two quantum souls were now attached by an incomprehensible bond, and the paths ahead of them would be marked by violence and trauma.


4 thoughts on “Alias Adam (Chapter 2)”

  1. What I could understand is interesting. So, in things not physical, are you referring to something spiritual? Even when God speaks to our hearts, can that be actually something physical? I have read that when people pray their brain changes. Can’t remember the details. Since God usually works in the physical realm, I’m thinking there may be something real and physical in everything he does. We just can’t measure it yet.

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    1. I’d really like to answer your question, but I don’t want to give anything away this early. The story will repeatedly hint hint at something more. I believe your questions will be answered in later chapters. If not by the time the story is done, I’d be happy to give some explanation. Take care.

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