Watch My Brother

doug jones

I’m feeling a bit wiped out by the tedium of posting chapters of my book, Alias Adam (FOR FREE), so I’m going to try getting by with mentioning Star Trek: Discovery, which aired last night with its first episode. I understand that all subsequent episodes are on CBS All Access (Netflix internationally). I’m mentioning it because Doug Jones, my youngest brother, plays Lieutenant Saru, the alien science officer (obviously to the left in the above picture).

I see no need to review the first episode since it is being reviewed to death on a great many other sites. I just want to mention that I’m proud of my brother and excited by the potential of this series. The special effects are good, the franchise storied, and the cast diverse. I don’t expect it to be anything less than a cultural hit.

For another post on Doug, check my Family Mythology category in the black strip on the left. I expect to post about him again under that category as well.

In summary, WATCH MY BROTHER! You may go now.

17 thoughts on “Watch My Brother”

  1. I was hoping you’d post something about the show. I did enjoy the show, and subscribed to All Access to keep watching. It was very suspenseful, and it’s a beautiful looking show. I also enjoyed your brother’s performance, but I always do. He’s a wonderful actor.

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      1. I didn’t like the makeup on the Klingons because it made it hard for them to speak, and their faces were too stiff. I’ve never been a huge fan of the Klingons, not even in the original series, and I’m having trouble reconciling the the different types I’ve seen in movies and shows.
        On the other hand i did like how Klingon women were depicted. You could tell they were women, but they had pretty much the same armor as the men, so it wasn’t overdone.

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  2. Cool. I didn’t know that. So… Silver Surfer and Star Trek run in the family, eh? 🙂 I certainly have nits to pick with some of the show, and I won’t go into that here… except to say that one of the things I don’t have a problem with is the casting. The actors I’ve seen before, I like… and the ones that are new to me seem to be serving the material well. It always helps when you have a solid cast!

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      1. Yeah, that’s actually a common thing with Trek. TNG started very slow… I still don’t like the DS9 pilot episode at all, but love that series… Voyager was the only one I actually really enjoyed the pilot if I’m honest. It seems to take the writers a while to find the characters, usually the actors seem to find the characters first and the writers have to adapt to that.

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