Alias Adam Available


A couple of months ago, I posted Alias Adam in a series of free installments on this site. For those who have read it and who would like to have the entire story in one place, it is available through Amazon for $ 0.99 on Kindle or for $ 9.85 in paperback. These are the minimum prices the Createspace platform would allow me to charge. You can order Alias Adam by clicking HERE.

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, you can read the entire story for free by clicking on the “Alias Adam” category in the black strip on the left. The story uses a combination of science fiction and fantasy to address the problems of sexual assault and child abuse in America. In addition, I offer the following description from the back cover:

  • He had four biological parents.
  • She had a father of unknown identity.
  • He had a history of child abuse.
  • She had been assaulted throughout her life.
  • Their physical and physiological abilities were beyond the ordinary.
  • Somehow, beyond all sensory verification, they were not alone.

Again, you can order by clicking HERE. Happy reading.

4 thoughts on “Alias Adam Available”

  1. I will definitely be ordering this paperback book! I started reading the installments, got frustrated waiting for the next chapters, waited until the entire book had been posted, tried reading it from start to finish, and got tired of hunting and scrolling. So getting it in a traditional package will be great. I’m looking forward to it. J.

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