Allegorical Art

 Before I start, allow me to thank Art Bacchant for the post  which alerted me to the existence of this artist. The painting below, titled Sense of Sight, by Annie Swynnerton,  is what initially attracted my attention. Its composition and use of color are compelling, as are the eyes and facial expression of the main figure.

swynnerton 3
Sense of Sight by Anna Louisa Swynnerton

Anna Louisa Swynnerton (1844 – 1933) was known for her allegorical paintings.

swynnerton 1
Study of angels, Anna Louisa Swynnerton

The work of Edward Burne-Jones was one of her major influences.  Here are some photographs of the artist herself:


Cupid and Psyche have been painted by various artists, including Burne-Jones. A version from Swynnerton is shown below. Again, I am impressed by the expressions on the faces. Perhaps more than the other paintings I have included, it reminds me of the work of Edward Burne-Jones, especially the style of his Perseus cycle featured in another post under this category.

swynnerton 4
Cupid and Psyche by Anna Louisa Swynnerton

I’ll end with Oceanid, a painting of a lake nymph who was the daughter of Okeanos and Tethys. Notice how the water surrounding her sparkles in its transparency. This painting is a good example of the artist’s use of vibrant color.

swynnerton 5
Oceanid by Anna Louisa Swynnerton

I am struck by how all of the above works seem to vibrate with life in one way or another.

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