Congratulations, Doug

Okay. This is very cool. The Shape of Water (2017 Fox Searchlight, directed by Guillermo del Toro) won some Oscars at this year’s Academy Awards, including for Best Director and Best Picture. I watched the WHOLE THING, all three and a half hours of it, just to see how this movie would do. The high point for me was the announcement of Best Picture at the end. As a member of the cast, my brother got to stand on the stage with the whole group, and I am so happy that he got to experience this.

doug jones 4

Here he is with his wife, Laurie…

doug jones 1

.. clowning with Sally Hawkins…

doug jones 6

… with Guillermo del Toro…

doug jones 7

… and giving an interview the day of the event.

doug jones 3

Here are a couple of bonus pictures taken on the set during filming.

doug jones 2

doug jones 5

Way to go, Doug! From your rather obscure brother…

18 thoughts on “Congratulations, Doug”

  1. How exciting that your own brother was up there on stage, I would be glued to the set! And how wonderful for your brother, that must have been quite the experience! I don’t go out to see many movies these days, but I went to the theater to see Shape of Water and it was AMAZING — the movie, and your brother, definitely deserved all the awards and accolades it got.

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  2. Yeah, that was all very cool! I still have not yet seen the movie, though it is on my short list for a variety of reason to be watched one day soon! Couldn’t all happen to a more deserving guy, who has been in lots of things doing great work and often nobody ever knowing who he was because he was THAT good in the roles. Thus is the curse of great character-acting.

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  3. What fun! How exciting to have this inside look, courtesy of your brother. I’d love to eavesdrop on some of the stories I imagine he tells you which aren’t for public sharing! It was a wonderful movie.

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  4. A lifelong friend’s son, and someone who grew up with our children in Connecticut is a film industry Still Cam Operator. I got to hold an Oscar he won some years back when he stayed with us while passing through Maryland. I felt an immense sense of privilege to hold that little guy. The pride you show for your brother shines once more. Ooh Rah!

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  5. Your brother played one of the most sequential roles in the making of a Oscar Best Picture winner. Wow. What an amazing thought to have in your head. Congratulations to your brother and you! Must be proud!

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  6. Your brother deserves every accolade He’s been working hard in the business with almost no recognition for a while, and its good to see him getting some, as we call it in my house, RESPEK!

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    1. Thank you so much. We were at his house for Christmas dinner in 2016, and he told me then about the movie. I had no idea it and he would receive so much attention, but after seeing the movie, I could tell what all the excitement was about. Take care.

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