Superhero Armageddon

By the end of Avengers: Infinity War (2018 Disney Marvel; directed by Anthony Russo and Joe Russo), I felt like I’d been worked over, and one young woman a couple of rows in front of me was bent over in her seat and sobbing (NEWS FLASH! At last report all of the actors in the movie were still alive, attractive, popular, and wealthy). I’ve decided not to review this movie. It has already been reviewed to death, resurrected, and reviewed again. Instead, I will make a short series of smugly insightful comments.

Insightful Comment 1:

It’s all about combinations.

infinity 3

infinity 5

infinity 1

infinity 9This is both a strength and a weakness. While it is interesting to see characters together in novel combinations, there can also be too many irresistible forces and too many immovable objects.

infinity 4

Don’t try to understand why anyone is winning at any particular point in time. It’s not about logic. Stuff just happens with spectacular (and sometimes innovative) special effects. In that respect, consider the formula. The team suffers abject defeat, rallies (often with a stirring, inspirational speech), and goes on to a dramatic victory (often with unresolved plot elements to set up future stories). Did anyone really expect this superhero movie to be any different?

Insightful Comment 2:

The bad guys are really bad.

infinity 8

In particular, Thanos (well played by Josh Brolin) is an interesting, metaphysical villain. Originally conceived by Jim Starlin ( a trippy writer whose name appears in the credits) he is philosophical and mercilessly logical, which brings up another characteristic. He is very principled, albeit with very twisted principles. I like this kind of nuance in a villain. It deepens a story.

infinity 2

Insightful Comment 3:

There will be a reset. The first installment of a two part storyline in this genre should not be expected to end well for the good guys. If what I have just written is a spoiler for a superhero Armageddon , what else did you expect? Remember the formula, and take into account the number of superheroes and villains. By the way, do we really expect Disney Marvel to slaughter its cash cow and leave it dead?

infinity 7

Insightful Comment 4:

The outro tells us that you-know-who will be introduced. I look forward to seeing the development of this character.

In summary, this movie kept me absorbed and entertained, and it did pretty much what I expected.

infinity 6

For now, I’m getting superhero fatigue and am preparing to sign off, but I will definitely be in the theater for the next few installments of the MCU. To paraphrase Jack Black…

This isn’t a review. It’s a tribute!


7 thoughts on “Superhero Armageddon”

  1. Your reviews are great, but I’ve been a little apprehensive about seeing the movie. Through my teen years I read a lot of Marvel. I liked some of their new approaches to superheroes, but the reference to some of them as ‘gods’ bothered me. When Thanos got the cosmic cube and became omnipotent, I put down comic books and didn’t cool off again for several years. I keep an eye on what the business is doing (because they are good at what they do), but the direction they head still bothers me. Perhaps it doesn’t bother other Christians, but I’m one it does. On the other hand, I don’t just sit griping on the sidelines. My own work steers in the other direction. It has inspired me to produce media that is friendly to Christians sensitive to these issues.

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    1. I appreciate your concerns. I guess I’m one of those who can watch something that portrays things I don’t believe in since the portrayals are fantasy and not reality. I certainly don’t expect the entertainment industry to meet the spiritual needs of the church, although it would be nice if they at least allowed room for movies with Christian themes. My brother was slated to appear as one of the demons in a major adaptation of Frank Peretti’s This Present Darkness, but a studio head killed the project. The good news is that this appears to be changing in a favorable direction.


  2. I’m worried for Captain Marvel. All we’ve heard so far is that she will be able to: punch planets, equal Thanos, be the one hero who can save the Avengers. Basically her character development: OP female hero. I haven’t heard anything about her character yet.

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      1. It’s just that her character was terrible in the comics when she became Captain Marvel. Maybe before she wasn’t written with consistency but at least it was better than when she became Captain Marvel in 2012.

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