A Concise Review

After seeing Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (Universal Pictures 2018; directed by J. A. Bayona), I came to the conclusion that there was one reason to make this movie: use those CGI dinosaurs to turn a profit. Here, then is my abbreviated review:








No, I really mean it.  AAHH!!


Thanks, Blue!


They’re out, and the franchise never ends…


7 thoughts on “A Concise Review”

  1. I decided to go visit the blog site of my reading regular, I come back, notice he hasn’t posted since July 2018, I scroll down the comments and find out he’s retired. :*(

    Is there any post you announce your retirement that I can read?

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    1. The announcement of my retirement was in an internal email at the college where I used to teach. I was a biology professor for 27 years at a women’s college in Missouri. My wife and I did a lot of traveling to see our children and grandchildren starting around the time I stopped posting. I was also trying to find an agent for a time travel story I wrote, so I’ve had a lot of distractions. It’s good to hear from you again. Take care.

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    2. I worked for 27 years as a biology professor at a women’s college. My retirement announcement (which I no longer have) was posted through an internal email at the college. It’s good to hear from you again. Take care.


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