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The legend hails from northern seas, a tale that few know well,

Where faith and fear blow freely on the gray and changing swell.

Mark well the drift of this account, and come to understand

That humble and heroic things go often hand in hand.

The Kraken, by Robert L. Jones, III, and illustrated by James P. Wood, is a fantasy tale told in poetic verse. It follows the journey of a bereaved and lovelorn youngster into manhood. Conscripted by brigands, he is later aided by a seaside prophet and various creatures as he seeks to destroy a monster that preys upon vessels in northern shipping lanes and to recover what has been taken away from him. 

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Obadiah was a gray, weathered block of a man, one with a peculiar heritage. He was an experienced boatman and a lighthouse keeper by trade. More importantly, this reticent and obdurate individual was also a teacher in need of a student, and his opportunity to pass on the craft of his ancestors wandered onto his pier in the form of a small, neglected girl with exceptional capabilities of her own. Confronted by a mythical monster of unfathomable wickedness, they would embark on a quest for something even more formidable, something in which an unprepared world no longer believed. But first, this magnificent creature had to be located and awakened.

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The world had changed out from under him before he was born. It seemed to some that Nathan had been designed for a different century. Possessed by a strange sense of loss, he longed for the ways and beliefs of his ancestors. His life was marked by difficulty with the expectations of others, and conflict pursued him despite his best efforts to avoid it. On the day this principled young man was expelled from high school for fighting to defend a weaker classmate, his parents decided to send him on a journey to the one place where he could discover his calling. From there, his path would ultimately lead to a series of confrontations with the supernatural predator that stalked an unprepared and vulnerable city.

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jacob cover

The Ozark Mountains of Jacob’s habitation were far more remote and unsettled than at present.  He lived in a time when technology and modern thinking had not yet rendered certain things impossible.  Unbeknown to the world at large, he battled creatures of fearsome dimension and incalculable malice.  They were bred in the forbidden reaches of reality before the right combination of circumstances washed them down hidden corridors and into the world of men.  On the day that Jacob found a lost child, his quarry had learned her scent, and that was the beginning of the problem.

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