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Alias Adam (Prologue)


We live among monsters. Some are invisible, agitating that lower part of ourselves to distort the ways in which we think. Others move in human guise but remain unaware of their strings and the hidden fingers which pull them. Then there are those that inhabit the recesses of fearful imagination – ever growing, ever proliferating.

Of this most of us remain smugly unaware, for there are few who are willing to believe the unthinkable about ourselves and our universe. It is only natural to cling to the familiar, to require of it the illusion that we are safe and that there is nothing wrong with us. Higher powers, be they benevolent or wicked, represent to the self-centered mind an unacceptable loss of sovereignty. To be reminded of our limitations is dated and out of fashion.

And so monstrous acts are perpetrated. They are committed in the pursuit of knowledge. They are justified for the sake of survival and the common good. They are set forth as the enforcement of justice or regarded as the rightful expressions of autonomy and freedom. But they are monstrous nonetheless.

Nature both entices and defies human mastery. It eludes understanding and definition. Our intolerance of mystery leads us into deeper confusion. Our insistence on simplicity is confounded by the complex. We are trapped in paradox. Our struggle with nature is a struggle against ourselves, and we are hopelessly over-matched.

Monsters do exist. They are endemic to every society, every culture throughout history. They are enshrined in folklore and religion, debunked in scientific literature. They attain mythical status. Their behavior is considered capricious and therefore contradictory to the established and immutable laws of the natural order. That they might behave consistently or that we periodically revise those very laws troubles not our logic, and a significant characteristic of monsters therefore eludes our grasp. Hidden from us by our own presumptions, they sporadically converge in time and space to bring themselves into physical existence.

New Old Book

I know I just put a story up on Amazon, but this one isn’t available yet. Alias Adam is a novel manuscript that I actually wrote some time ago, but I was nervous about putting it “out there” due to my discomfort with some of the subject matter. I’ve decided to post it, one chapter at a time, for free. I do intend to put it on Amazon, but I wanted to let my followers have a crack at it first. Your comments will be appreciated.

I can’t tell you how many nights I went to bed thinking I couldn’t continue working on it and how many mornings I woke up with an understanding of how to proceed in good conscience. I think that once you read it, you’ll see that it’s fairly tame compared to a lot of what’s already in print.

So what is it? I tried to use a combination of science fiction, mythology, and social commentary to take a socially responsible look at the problems of sexual assault and child abuse in America. I did more research for this book than for any I’ve written so far. Topics included assisted reproductive technology (in vitro fertilization), embryo fusion, quantum physics, PTSD, counseling methods, and crime statistics in communities mentioned in the story. I visited survivor’s websites, read personal testimonies, and watched interviews with high profile survivors as well as documentaries. I also looked up information provided by universities to students, and I read various articles (even from research journals) about the counseling of survivors of sexual assault.

I hope I got this right. I have attempted  to use safe language in an effort at avoiding unnecessary triggers. Some of the things that I describe in the story are unavoidably unpleasant, but no more so than watching the news. Nothing I have written is prurient or salacious (good words, eh?).

I normally post only once a week, but for the next 12 weeks, I will post a chapter a day from Wednesday through Friday. At least that’s the plan. Some of the chapters are very short. Some are rather long. I hope you can stay with the story for its duration and that you derive something positive out of doing so. Tomorrow, I will post the Prologue. I think it fitting that I end this post with the dedication I intend to include when I publish Alias Adam.

“To the survivors, against whose example this effort pales…”