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Mythology on Canvas (Part 8)

For the next several posts, I will comment on the Perseus series by Edward Burne-Jones . These paintings are based not strictly on the story from  ancient Greek mythology but also on a rather florid nineteenth century poem whose title and author at present escape my memory. Take, for example, the first painting in the series: The call of Perseus.

The Call of Perseus by Edward Burne-Jones
The Call of Perseus by Edward Burne-Jones

In looking up the details of the legend, I could find no mention of what this picture depicts, so I am assuming this scene came from the poem. The actual background is that the demigod Perseus was the son of Zeus and a mortal named Danae. Later on in the story, Perseus shields his mother from an amorous king under whose hospitality they are living. In an effort to disgrace Perseus, this king creates an occasion for various men to give him horses as gifts. Perseus (“of course, of course” for those who might recognize this phrase) has no horse but offers to fulfill any wish that the king might lay upon him. He is assigned the seemingly impossible task of bringing back the head of Medusa, a Gorgon with snakes for hair. Upon the mere sight of her, onlookers turn to stone.

(to be continued)

The Dogwood Legacy

Please bear with me for just this one post while I indulge in some shameless self-promotion (something, incidentally, with which I am uncomfortable) by giving a  brief overview of a trilogy I have written. It is The Dogwood Legacy, and it has been available on Amazon and Kindle since late May of this year.

jacob cover

The first book of the series is Jacob Leviathan, set in the Ozark Mountains of the midwestern United States. This is my personal re-invention of a real Ozark legend involving an imaginary beast called a jimplecute (or jimplicute, as I have chosen to spell it). It is, therefore, a fabricated folktale.  Click here for sample chapters.   Click here to purchase on Amazon or Kindle.Nathan_Turner_Cover_for_Kindle

The second book is Nathan Turner. It is an urban legend of my own creation and takes place in the midwest.  Click here for sample chapters.   Click here to purchase on Amazon or Kindle.


The third book is Obadiah Holt, and it is my attempt at a trans-continental myth. It was also inspired by Kaiju (enormous beast) stories.  Click here for sample chapters.  Click here to purchase on Amazon or Kindle.

Collectively, these three books comprise an invented mythology with which I am honestly pleased as an author. I apologize if this post seems inordinately self-serving. But, hey, I believe in what I have written, and I want people to read it.