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The Dogwood Legacy

Please bear with me for just this one post while I indulge in some shameless self-promotion (something, incidentally, with which I am uncomfortable) by giving a  brief overview of a trilogy I have written. It is The Dogwood Legacy, and it has been available on Amazon and Kindle since late May of this year.

jacob cover

The first book of the series is Jacob Leviathan, set in the Ozark Mountains of the midwestern United States. This is my personal re-invention of a real Ozark legend involving an imaginary beast called a jimplecute (or jimplicute, as I have chosen to spell it). It is, therefore, a fabricated folktale.  Click here for sample chapters.   Click here to purchase on Amazon or Kindle.Nathan_Turner_Cover_for_Kindle

The second book is Nathan Turner. It is an urban legend of my own creation and takes place in the midwest.  Click here for sample chapters.   Click here to purchase on Amazon or Kindle.


The third book is Obadiah Holt, and it is my attempt at a trans-continental myth. It was also inspired by Kaiju (enormous beast) stories.  Click here for sample chapters.  Click here to purchase on Amazon or Kindle.

Collectively, these three books comprise an invented mythology with which I am honestly pleased as an author. I apologize if this post seems inordinately self-serving. But, hey, I believe in what I have written, and I want people to read it.


The world had changed out from under him before he was born. It seemed to some that Nathan had been designed for a different century. Possessed by a strange sense of loss, he longed for the ways and beliefs of his ancestors. His life was marked by difficulty with the expectations of others, and conflict pursued him despite his best efforts to avoid it. On the day this principled young man was expelled from high school for fighting to defend a weaker classmate, his parents decided to send him on a journey to the one place where he could discover his calling. From there, his path would ultimately lead to a series of confrontations with the supernatural predator that stalked an unprepared and vulnerable city.

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